A Time and a Place

“ENTERTAINING, CHAOTIC ADVENTURE.” ~ Publishers Weekly. Barnabus J. Wildebear is an ordinary guy who promises his sister on her deathbed that he’ll keep her teen-aged son Ridley safe. He fails. First, they don’t get along. Then a beautiful stranger lures the boy through a trans-dimensional portal to help battle an ancient evil. To protect Ridley, Barnabus must follow him through the portal to the strange and dangerous dimensions beyond, into the fog of alien war… An ill-timed sneeze deposits Barnabus in the past, hours before his sister’s tragic demise. Barnabus seizes the chance to change history and save his beloved sister. By so doing, maybe he can make all his terrible problems go away. But can it really be that easy?

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Sunday Oct 16, 2022

Many thanks to all the kind folks who assisted in the creation of A Time and a Place. 
Stay tuned for more projects from Donovan Street Press!

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Orphans

Thursday Oct 13, 2022

Thursday Oct 13, 2022

Jacques the Necronian rams its enormous starship into the mountain harbouring the T'Klee and Sarah. Drawing upon the power of the gate, Wildebear only has time time to save Sarah, but upon seeing others in danger Sarah drags her heels, placing them all in jeopardy.  
This chapter concludes the adventures of Barnabus J. Wildebear in A Time and a Place. 
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Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Wildebear is horrified when Iugurtha begins to absorb him like she has done so many others before him. Jacques commits one final, spiteful act. 
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Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Akasha, otherwise known as Knowledge Incarnate, tries to seduce Wildebear with multiple civilization's worth of knowledge. Meanwhile, Jacques argues for Akasha’s destruction. Wildebear must choose between them.

Thursday Sep 22, 2022

Wildebear inhabits Jacques' mind and relives Jacques’ entire tragic existence from its first moment of awareness as a single Necronian to the present day.

Thursday Sep 15, 2022

Wildebear takes an injured Iugurtha through the gate to seek help but winds up on a completely different planet where time behaves oddly and rain falls from a cloudless sky. There he is forced to choose sides. 
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Thursday Sep 08, 2022

The Necronian attack on the T'Klee intensifies. Wildebear forges an alliance with a powerful new ally in his fight against Jacques. 
Assorted Nonsense
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Sunday Sep 04, 2022

Wildebear decides to give the Necronian Jacques what it wants. Schmitz has other ideas, none of which bode well for Wildebear. 
Assorted Nonsense

Thursday Aug 25, 2022

In the midst of battle, Wildebear finds himself under a unique form of psychological attack. 
Assorted Nonsense
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Thursday Aug 18, 2022

Wildebear escapes to C'Mell, where T'Klee forces are preparing for war. Sebastian experiences an existential crisis. 
Assorted Nonsense
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A Time and a Place: the Novel

Donovan Street Press presents A Time and a Place, a podcast version of Joe Mahoney's debut science fiction fantasy adventure, first published in 2017. 

The novel will be presented in its entirety, all twenty-seven chapters, in one week intervals, along with occasional related material.  

Joe Mahoney tells a deft tale. By turns droll and exuberant, this novel reels you into its strange world with as much pull as the portal that sends Barnabus through time and space....I greatly enjoyed this story for its array of characters, the romping plot and lyrical musings on what happens to free will when you hurtle through time and place.

~Anna-Liza Kozma, Goodreads

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